VIRE UI engine

Complete Solution for Unique User Interfaces


In brief

Vire Labs is focusing on demanding software projects in
all device categories from IoT sensors to Mobiles Phones.

Our customers are innovative companies from small scale to global market leaders.

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Design services

  • Vire Labs has designers with wide variety of design skills to make any UI design to any device with a display
  • If your design needs optimizations for power, performance or image quality, Vire Labs provides design optimization services
  • Co-operation model enables both companies to work together to meet your design goals

Rapid prototyping services

  • Fast and cost effective way to get any concept to alive, in a matter of weeks
  • At the same time you will get a Proof-Of-Concept to see what Vire Life Engine™ is made of – running in your own device
  • There are no boundaries - Challenge us and throw us your most challenging UI concept, or idea

Integration, support and optimization services

  • Platform optimization of any bottleneck between touch-screen and UI
  • Vire Labs provides full support from design phase to integrated, production quality delivery
  • Long experience supporting customers worldwide with 24/7 services and on-site support always tailored based on real customer requirements