VIRE UI engine

Complete Solution for Unique User Interfaces


Vire in brief

Rich and Innovative 3D user experience

The team of Vire Labs have worked together as a group for more than a decade in key roles of companies such as ATI, AMD and Qualcomm. Our background in market leading companies has enabled us to build a rich and innovative 3D user experience, which will spin the mobile culture to a whole new level.

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Design services

  • Vire Labs has designers with wide variety of design skills to make any UI design to any device with a display
  • If your design needs optimizations for power, performance or image quality, Vire Labs provides design optimization services
  • Co-operation model enables both companies to work together to meet your design goals

Rapid prototyping services

  • Fast and cost effective way to get any concept to alive, in a matter of weeks
  • At the same time you will get a Proof-Of-Concept to see what Vire Life Engine™ is made of – running in your own device
  • There are no boundaries - Challenge us and throw us your most challenging UI concept, or idea

Integration, support and optimization services

  • Platform optimization of any bottleneck between touch-screen and UI
  • Vire Labs provides full support from design phase to integrated, production quality delivery
  • Long experience supporting customers worldwide with 24/7 services and on-site support always tailored based on real customer requirements