High-level teams for the development of IoT and graphics technology

The special expertise of our team developing new applications for Virebox.AI is in machine-learning embedded systems. This means strong knowhow in hardware and software development and in the latest IoT technologies, such as machine vision. Here you can read more about what we have developed with our customers and how they felt about it.

The development of graphics technology is carried out by a team whose expertise is in the development of software, drivers, and rendering technologies. The components we develop are needed for touch-screen phones, games, TV interfaces, and digital car meters. The technology we have developed is used in hundreds of millions of devices. Our customers include Huawei, Qualcomm, Hatch, and Rightware.

Our teams are combined with the ability to improve the performance of embedded systems, whether they are for mobile devices, industrial automatization, or something in between.

Problems are not made, but solved

A good developer loves solutions

A principle of our team is to not create problems for the customer. The same applies to Vire Labs as a workplace. Everything works when everyone works together to find solutions. Focusing on solving problems is also conveyed to the customer as straightforward and flexible.We find the challenges of the work interesting. We can impact them, and if it ever starts to feel like the resources are running out, help is available from others.

As a company, we are constantly changing. Our team is good at learning and adopting and is flexible with the customer in everything that is done. This requires our team members to be able to tolerate and enjoy change.