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Virelabs – Delivering New AI and Graphics Solutions

Virelabs is an innovative Finnish company focused on technology development and consulting. We know how to create insightful and fully functional solutions for our customers, and we specialize in AI and graphics technology solutions, with a world-class team creating new innovations.

Virebox.AI – A Solution for Intelligent Detection

Our new product, the Virebox.AI, makes it easy to produce AI-based IoT solutions in a fast and cost-efficient way. The device has a lot of AI computing power and can be used for demanding detection and analysis on the spot, without sending the information to the cloud.

Our customer satisfaction rate is very high. At the moment, most of our customers come from different industries, from the sectors of traffic and travel, infrastructure, and consumer electronics.

Contact us:
Isolinnankatu 24 28100 Pori Finland
Huopalahdentie 24 00350 Helsinki Finland