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Graphics Consulting – World-Class Graphics Knowledge

Graphics technology is one of the key elements in creating consumer products today, as we use products with graphics technology constantly. New mobile phones, games, smart TVs, and the intelligent displays in cars all employ a lot of graphics technology, and its use is only expanding. New products (like VR glasses and other virtual reality products) are appearing on the market and intelligent display technologies are integrated even in home appliances.

Exceptional competence in graphics technology

At Virelabs, we have a world-class engineering team specialized in development of graphics technology. Our clients include game developers, technology providers for the automotive industry, mobile phone manufacturers, and other international companies developing consumer products, and we deliver key components for their products. Among other things, we are doing software, driver and rendering technology development, and we also optimize content and evaluate different technologies. Our technology is in use in hundreds of millions of devices.

Automobile industry

  • Software development for digital displays
  • Map technology development
  • UI design for digital displays
  • Touchscreen optimization
  • Porting operating systems


  • Development of rendering technologies
  • Optimizing power consumption
  • Optimizing content

Mobile phones

  • Development of rendering technologies
  • Driver development
  • Android OS development

Virtual reality

  • Development of new VR technologies
  • Development of rendering technologies
  • Driver development


“Virelabs have proven themselves to be a valued and trustworthy partner whose experts not only have in-depth knowledge but are also able to adapt themselves quickly to different R&D modes as needed. We’re very happy with our cooperation and intend to continue into the future.”

– Surath Chatterji, Head of Engineering, Hatch


Kanzi Maps is Rightware’s new product for integrating vector and raster map content into the Kanzi UI toolchain. Chosen by Rightware as the development partner, Vire Labs built Kanzi Maps with support for multiple map backends, allowing automakers and their suppliers to freely select their mapping provider while designing their full UI with Kanzi. Kanzi Maps integrates directly into Kanzi Studio, allowing designers to compose and theme maps to blend seamlessly into the automotive UX, and initially supports map data from Mapbox and HERE.

“It has been pleasure to work with Vire Labs the past years co-developing features for Kanzi product family. Their expertise and phenomenal experience with graphics and software development makes it great to co-operate.”

– Tero Koivu, COO, Rightware

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