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The benefits of Virebox.AI

  • Rapid and easy deployment
  • Powerful AI computing capability (Edge)
  • Ready-made solutions for different uses and situations
  • A wide range of interfaces for many kinds of devices  
  • Privacy information processed on the spot by the Virebox.AI device
  • Industry-standard aluminum box

Virebox.AI – a perfect solution for detection and analysis

Virebox.AI is a new AI device that can be used for demanding detection of persons and objects. Virebox.AI can, for example, be used in quality control or analysis of products during the manufacturing process. The device allows AI computing to be done on the spot without the need to send the information to the cloud, which in some cases is not possible for security reasons or because the amount of raw data is too large to be sent to the cloud. You can connect, among other things, cameras, sensors, and data interfaces to the Virebox.AI device. Compared to normal computers, the Virebox.AI has 100-fold computing power, which is required for AI processing.

Virebox.AI – how is it deployed?

Even though this is an AI solution, the process is quite simple. First, we will analyze the situation and the need, and then we will make a suggestion about the solution. We already have ready-made solutions for several uses and situations, such as for object recognition and calculation. In these situations, all that is needed is adjustment to the situation and deployment. If the situation is more complex, it is usually wise to start a small project to guarantee that the end result will be exactly what you need. We will apply advanced AI algorithms in the analysis, and the data for the analysis can be obtained from all kinds of devices, such as cameras, radars, sensors, motors, etc. We will deliver a ready-to-use solution with all the devices needed for the operations. The solution can be delivered either as a service or sold as a package – with satisfaction guaranteed.

Travel and traffic

  • Passenger counting (camera)
  • Detection of passenger types (camera)
  • Monitoring the surroundings of a vehicle (camera + LiDAR)
  • Vehicle detection, speed calculation, and amount calculation (camera LiDAR)
  • Proactive service (sensors)

Manufacturing industry

  • Machine vision solutions (camera or infrared camera)
  • Quality control: color, shape, size (camera)
  • Real-time data analysis from several systems
  • Voice or acoustic emission recognition (microphone, hydrophone…)


  • Area surveillance (camera, LiDAR, infrared camera)
  • Personal identification at gate (camera)
  • Voice analysis and recognition (microphone)

Commercial use

  • Customer calculation (camera)
  • Customer flow analysis (camera)
  • Heatmap analysis (camera)


”With the Virebox.AI, it is easy to make multipurpose detection solutions based on different technologies. At best, a high-performance detection system, which uses a video camera and an optical radar, can be set up in a few days. Virebox.AI is an expandable and durable solution that enables customer-driven business solutions and processes in all fields of industry.”

– Janne Siltari, Head Of IoT, Solita


“Digitalization brings lots of opportunities while at the same time the amount of available data is constantly growing. We were surprised how easily Virebox was installed to customer environments and it also brought us new business models.”

– Markus Santanen, Director, Mipro


“We needed a remote monitoring system for the rafts carrying acoustic seal repellent systems at sea. With Virebox, we were able to create a solution that works in demanding conditions at sea. Virelabs delivered the ready-to-use solution with all the equipment needed for it.” – Esa Lehtonen, Research Engineer, Natural Resources Institute Finland

– Esa Lehtonen, Tutkimusinsinööri, Luonnonvarakeskus


“Traditional industry is transforming into the Industry 4.0 world where automation meets digitalization. Virebox provided us a fast track to this new world.”

– Mika Riikonen, BAU Director, Insta

Case: Transtech

Passenger counting and detection of passenger type using cameras. The goal of the project was to enable monitoring of the passenger load rate, the detection of passenger flows, and the congestion prediction of tram stops. The system works so that the Virebox.AI device analyzes the video feed on site and there is no need to send the video to servers. The Virebox.AI device sends only the results of the analysis to the traffic control system to help traffic predictions.

Case: Manufacturing

Automatic quality control of an animal feed production line at the factory using a video feed. Previously, quality was controlled by a member of the staff via a monitor. Virebox.AI technology enables precise quality control by analyzing the video feed. Virebox.AI was delivered to the customer as a complete system with all the equipment needed for the analysis, and the system was integrated with the customer’s existing ERP.

Case: Mipro

The company wanted to offer its waterworks clients a service which gathers information from many different sources in the operative systems and send only the relevant information to the control systems. Virebox.AI makes a pre-analysis of the data and only the changed information and the results of the analysis are passed on to the control systems.

Support for the cloud services

  • AWS
  • GoogleCloud
  • Azure
  • IBM Watson
  • ERPs

Supported devices

  • IP cameras
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Thermal cameras
  • Sensors
  • Laser radars (LiDAR)
  • Radio-based radars
  • Microphones and hydrophones
  • Acoustic emission sensors

Technical information

  • Intel X86 Quadcore 2,24 GHz
  • Memory 8GB, DDR3L
  • Storage up to 1TB SSD
  • Linux Ubuntu or (Windows 10)
  • Dedicated Neural Hardware
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, 4G/5G, Ethernet
  • Analog and Digital IOs

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