A system that integrates flexibly

Virebox.AI is designed for purposes where it is wanted to perform AI calculations on site, and for reasons of data communication or data security it is not wanted to transfer data to the cloud. The Virebox.AI can be directly connected to cameras, sensors, various communication buses, etc. Virebox.AI enables more than 100x the computing efficiency needed by AI than standard computers.

Can you find your own sector?

Travel and transport

Passenger counting
Passenger type recognition
Vehicle environmental monitoring
Vehicle recognition and counting


Machine vision solutions
Quality monitoring
Colour, shape, and size analyses
Real-time data analysis


Personal identification
Area surveillance
Voice analysis and recognition

Commercial applications

Customer calculation
Customer-flow analyses
Heatmap analyses

Check out the Virebox.AI system implementations below!

CASE VR FLEETCARE train scanner

A Train Scanner for rail traffic needs

case Škoda

Tactful passenger counting in Tampere

CASE VR FLEETCARE switch monitoring

Efficiency for the monitoring of railway conditions

virebox - case veisto

Camera technology delivers power for production

“Digitalization brings lots of opportunities while at the same time the amount of available data is constantly growing. We were surprised how easily Virebox was installed to customer environments and it also brought us new business models.”

Markus Santanen, Director, Mipro

“Virebox.AI can be used to implement versatile detection solutions based on various technologies. A high-performance detection solution, for example, combining video cameras and optical radars, can in best cases be implemented in a few days. Virebox.AI operates in its expandability and sustainability as an enabler of customer-oriented business operations and processes in all industrial sectors.”

Janne Siltari, Head of Iot, Solita

“We had a need to get the seal deterrent floating docks at sea under remote monitoring. With the help of Virebox, we managed to implement the solution in demanding marine conditions. Virelabs delivered the solution as a ready package with the necessary equipment.”

Esa Lehtonen, Research Engineer, Luke

“Traditional industry is transforming into the Industry 4.0 world where automation meets digitalization. Virebox provided us a fast track to this new world.”

Mika Riikonen, BAU Director, Insta

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