VIRE AI SCANNER – an AI-based solution for data collection and detection needs

Vire AI Scanner

VIRE AI SCANNER is an AI-based hardware and software solution developed by Vire Labs for industrial and transport data collection and detection needs. Vire Labs offers different sizes and types of AI scanners (including boom and rack solutions), so there is always a suitable solution for different use cases and needs. 

Vire AI Scanner is easy to integrate and highly versatile, and it offers an AI-based solution for meny kinds of industrial uses. It can be used for automating quality control and product quality classification, for increasing production efficiency, for taking care of rolling stock maintenance automation and failure prediction, just to name a few examples.

Vire AI Scanner solves data collection and detection challenges

The Vire AI Scanner is always equipped
with the devices best suited to the detection need in question

Vire AI Scanner handles all the functions related to data collection and detection, pre-analysis or analysis of the collected data, and the transmission of analysis results and data to the client organization’s information systems.

The identification needs determine the type of equipment that is appropriate for data collection. For example, still and video cameras, line scan cameras and LiDAR measuring devices suitable for demanding industrial applications are most often used, but various sensors and microphones can also be used for data collection if the situation requires it.

If the target needs to be illuminated during imaging, a device that produces a uniform light over the entire height of the scanner and is switched on during imaging can be integrated in the system.

To analyse the collected data, the Vire AI Scanner includes one or more Virebox.AI terminals.

The standard height of the Vire AI Scanner is either 300 cm (Vire AI Scanner 300) and 600 cm (Vire AI Scanner 600). There is also a Vire Scanner Gate version is also available, in which the detector devices can be mounted on a horizontal boom above the production line or above the object to be detected.

Vire AI Scanner installation can be secured with mounting plates designed for use with the scanner. The concrete tile (2 x 2 m) can be moved by forklift trucks from the lifting hooks, and the metal tile can be fixed to concrete and steel.
At Metsä Group's Kemi new bioproducts plant in Finland every cargo train carrying timber is scanned at arrival. After scanning and a quick analysis by the the Vire AI Scanner system, the important data is sent forwards to the system controlling the´autonomous cranes provided by ANDRITZ.
The crane system needs point cloud data about the cargo (timber loads) to be able to lift the timber securely. The LiDARs (laser scanners) inside the scanner towers first scan all the train loads upon arrival,. Then the VIRE AI Scanner system analyses the collected data, and immediately sends it as a 3D point cloud to the system controlling the cranes.

If required, the Vire AI Scanner can also be supplied as a rack solution or as individual devices

Sensors (cameras, LiDARs and other sensors) can be attached to structures in a factory environment, for example, close to the objects to be detected and analysed. 

The Virebox.AI terminals used for data processing, analysis and transmission and the necessary electronics can be placed in a data centre, for example, alongside other IT equipment.  

Vire Labs products enable AI-based solutions to be created 3–5 times faster than before

Benefits for the customer


Contact us and describe your situation or the need you want to find a solution for. 
We will analyse the situation and propose a solution for it. 

We have ready-made solutions for a wide range of applications. Implementation is fast because we have the product ready. In most cases, all that is needed is training and other adaptation of the neural network to the application.  

We use advanced AI algorithms for analysis. The data to be analysed can come from the camera, radar, sensors, engines, etc. We deliver the complete solution with the necessary accessories as a complete package, either as a service or sold – with a satisfaction guarantee.