VIRE AI terminals

VIREBOX AI terminal

Virebox.AI is an AI-based terminal developed by Vire Labs that can be used to perform sophisticated detection and analysis of the quality of an object, a person or, for example, a product being manufactured. 

Virebox.AI is well suited for applications where you want to perform AI computation at the target (Edge) and do not want to transfer all the data to the cloud, for example for data communication or security reasons. Edge computing also reduces the amount of data to be sent to the cloud.

Our customers appreciate the openness and modularity of Virebox.AI. It is easy to integrate into existing automation solutions and can be connected to cameras, sensors, various communication channels etc. Virebox.AI enables more than 100 times the computing power required by artificial intelligence compared to conventional computers.

System interfaces

Google Cloud
IBM Watson
Enterprise resource planning systems

Connectable devices

IP cameras
Surveillance cameras
Thermographic cameras
Laser radars
Radio radars
Microphones, hydrophones
Acoustic emission sensors

Technical data

Intel X86 Quadcore 2,56 GHz
Memory 8GB, DDR3L
Storage up to 1TB SSD
Linux Ubuntu or (Windows 10)
Dedicated Neural Hardware
Wifi, Bluetooth, 4G/5G, Ethernet
Analog and Digital IOs

VIREBOX AI 32i terminal

Virebox AI 32i is an AI-based terminal that can be used to implement solutions which include current measurement, remote condition monitoring of electric motors and monitoring of automation systems. The device is based the Virebox AI terminal developed by Vire Labs and with it many kinds of solutions can be created quickly and cost-effectively 

The Virebox.AI 32i solution has already been used, for example, in the remote condition monitoring system for railway switches that VR Fleetcare is implementing for the Finnish Transport Agency, which manages the state railway network. The maintenance of switches represents a significant part of the maintenance costs of railway networks. Currently, maintenance is based on scheduled maintenance and response to defects. 

The new intelligent solution will allow maintenance to be optimised and failures to be anticipated, thus facilitating maintenance work, reducing costs and speeding up the recovery from failures. 

AI based IoT solutions 3–5 times faster than previously

Benefits for the customer


Contact us and describe your situation or the need you want to find a solution for. We will analyse the application and the need and propose a solution for you. 

We have ready-made solutions for a wide range of applications. Implementation is fast because we have the product ready. In most cases, all that is needed is training and adaptation of the neural network to the application.  

We use advanced AI algorithms for analysis. The data can come from the camera, radar, sensors, engines, etc. We deliver the complete solution with the necessary accessories as a complete package, either as a service or sold as a package – with a satisfaction guarantee.