AI-based IoT solutions faster than ever

Virebox.AI is a development platform for digitizing human, material, and service flows. It allows you to identify deviations, streamline processes, and make future predictions.

Virebox.AI is a powerful AI-based data terminal capable of performing demanding identification or analysis of an object, person, or quality assessment of a product. Virebox.AI is designed for purposes where it is wanted to perform AI calculations on site, and for reasons of data communication or data security it is not wanted to transfer data to the cloud. The Virebox.AI can be directly connected to cameras, sensors, various communication buses, etc. Virebox.AI enables more than 100x the computing efficiency needed by AI than standard computers. 

Our customers appreciate the transparency and modularity of Virebox.AI. It is easy to combine with existing automation solutions and it offers a quick base to build on. This will save you development costs.

With Virebox.AI you will produce artificial intelligence based IoT solutions 3-5 times faster than what is currently possible.

Why Virebox.AI?

Virebox.AI technology

System interfaces

IBM Watson
Enterprise resource planning systems

Connectable devices

IP cameras
Surveillance cameras
Thermographic cameras
Laser radars
Radio radars
Microphones, hydrophones
Acoustic emission sensors

Technical information

Intel X86 Quadcore 2,56 GHz
Memory 8GB, DDR3L
Storage up to 1TB SSD
Linux Ubuntu or (Windows 10)
Dedicated Neural Hardware
Wifi, Bluetooth, 4G/5G, Ethernet
Analog and Digital IOs

Interested? This is how a solution can be implemented:

Contact us and describe your case. We analyse the application and need and propose a solution. We have ready-made solutions for many applications, including object recognition and calculation. In such cases, only adjusting and implementing is required for the application. In more unique cases, it is usually a good idea to start by making a small project to ensure that the desired result is achieved. For analysis, we use advanced artificial-intelligence algorithms, and the data used for the analysis can come from cameras, radar, sensors, motors, etc. We deliver the entire solution with the necessary accessories as a ready-made package, either as a service or sold – with satisfaction guaranteed.