Industrial AI Detection Systems

VIRE LABS Oy is an innovative Finnish hardware and software development company. We specialize in advanced industrial AI detection. For our customers we build AI based detection solutions for digitizing material, human and service flows.

The core of the AI detection solutions we build for our customers is the powerful VIREBOX.AI device, which helps to identify deviations, streamline processes, and make future predictions.

Boliden Harjavalta & Vire Labs: improving the production process trough quality control

In basic material industry, a growing number of companies are starting to use artificial intelligence to improve their processes. Boliden Harjavalta in Finland is using an intelligent machine vision solution provided by Vire Labs to monitor the quality of copper cathodes and improve the production processes.  

Boliden is a leading European metal, mining, and smelting company. Boliden is a forward-looking and innovative company, and they want be a forerunner in automation and digitalization in their field – also in the use of AI. In Finland, Boliden Harjavalta produces high quality copper and nickel for industrial customers. Boliden Harjavalta is using. an AI based machine vision solution from Vire Labs for the quality control of the copper cathodes. The system helps Boliden to find out the causal connections related to the quality of the products and to develop the production processes.

Virebox.AI & smart sawmill

Metsä Group wants to make the most out of its wood. Veisto is there to help Metsä operate efficiently. Vire Labs detects the log ends on the Veisto saw line, so only centimetres are needed between them.

Solutions to problems that seem impossible

Our customers buy solutions related to problems with the development of automation. In our opinion, the best problems are those that have never been solved in the world before. We succeed because of our expertise in the development of both hardware and software.  We are strongly committed to collaboration with our customers. Working with you, we will put together a proof of concept (POC) in a couple of weeks and a commercial product in six months.

For our customers we have produced insightful Virebox.AI solutions for quality control (Raisioaqua), to improve the efficiency of saw lines (Veisto / HewSaw), in railway fleet maintenance and switch monitoring (VR Fleetcare) and to analyze passenger flows in trams (Škoda Transtech)

For detection we can use various measuring technologies (cameras, LiDARs, sensors etc.), and our own product Virebox.AI can perform demanding identification and analysis using edge computing without sending data to the cloud. The technology is especially suitable for tasks containing personal data and in conditions where data transfer capacity is weak. 


“Traditional industry is transforming into the Industry 4.0 world where automation meets digitalization. Virebox provided us a fast track to this new world.”

Mika Riikonen, BAU Director, Insta

“Digitalization brings lots of opportunities while at the same time the amount of available data is constantly growing. We were surprised how easily Virebox was installed to customer environments and it also brought us new business models.”

Markus Santanen, Director, Mipro

“Virebox.AI can be used to implement versatile detection solutions based on various technologies. A high-performance detection solution, for example, combining video cameras and optical radars, can in best cases be implemented in a few days. Virebox.AI operates in its expandability and sustainability as an enabler of customer-oriented business operations and processes in all industrial sectors.”

Janne Siltari, Head of Iot, Solita

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